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If you have found your way to this site it is because you have already discovered and been entranced by the beautiful, captivating Abyssinian cat. There are many websites that explain the long history and uniqueness of this breed, the variety of colours developed by dedicated breeders and the careful consideration given to producing healthy, well balanced cats.


Now is the opportunity to establish that your chosen cat will be happy with you.


If you are away from your home for long periods and your abyssinian is your only cat, she may not enjoy being your companion. If you are fussy about little feet running over your kitchen worktop or balancing on the tops of doors so she can drop onto your shoulders for a face rub, she is not for you. If you require complete quiet and concentration to work on your computer or mend something or wrap parcels etc etc. She is not for you. If your want a couch potato lap warmer and are not patient enough to enjoy the the exhilarating mad play, gallop and pounce games before she flops on your lap or drapes over your shoulders rendering you immobile for a couple of hours, then she is not for you.


However, if you want a friend to be share your life and make you laugh with their cleverness and affection you should not be disappointed.


If you have now decided on an Abyssinian, then we will be happy to discuss finding the right cat for you. 


Having found your new baby obviously you want to provide them with the best possible home. Abys can live happily indoors if you can provide them with enough companionship and physical and mental stimulation. The modern way to enrich their lives is to provide an outdoor run or catio. Whatever size your garden is there is an idea for you. Try Protectapet for ideas and UK Cat Enclosures. Pintrest has some amazing pictures too.


There is no such thing as a safe road. Foxes will kill cats, dogs too. Neighbours may object to your cat in their garden. I have heard so many sad stories and had heartbroken people call me. We hope you will decide to have one of these special cats enrich your life and that they will do so for as long as possible. We never let our kittens go to homes that allow free roaming.

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