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Hello and welcome to the home of Sorcerer Abyssinians.


We began breeding pedigree cats in 1977 having bought our first Persian at the National Cat Show in 1975. You could buy and sell kittens from pens in those days, thank goodness that practice stopped years ago.


Our beloved Trymcote Hebe was to be the foundation queen for our Sorcerer line. She had the famous Deebank  cats in her pedigree with their dense black coats and large deep orange eyes. Although we had to wait until she was nearly two years old for her first litter, she produced many litters over the years including a 'mistake' when she was eleven.


Nearly all our future Champions, Premiers, Grand title winners including UK Grand Premiers come from her. Together with our studs CH Headway Dylan and his son Sorcerer Oedipus we enjoyed showing and breeding on a small scale. More importantly, over the years, we bred many kittens destined to be much loved family pets. Our priority was, and still is, to produce healthy kittens with excellent temperaments.


After about thirty years we took a break from breeding to allow our 'elderlies' to live out their days in happy retirement. My last girl, a great great granddaughter of Hebe, died aged sixteen in February 2016.


However, in 2014, I decided the break was long enough and our first Abyssinian came to live with us. It was like trading a Rolls Royce for a Ferrari. This wonderful intelligent breed has a long history, enjoys good health and makes the perfect family companion. We look forward to producing kittens who will give as much pleasure to their new families as our previous kittens have.


Please enjoy browsing our website, I have included photos in our gallery of some of the other animals we have had the privilege and pleasure to share our lives with. For our full gallery please visit our Facebook page: Val Andrews's Sorcerer Persians and Abyssinians.


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