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_January 2021


We have no kittens at the moment but hopefully soon.

I have a list of suitable homes who I will contact in due course. If you have contacted me in the past, please let us know if you have since found a kitten.

Kittens are scarce but all the breeders on the Abyssinian website are genuine and extremely careful how they raise their kittens and comply with all the recommendations required by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.

Please be patient and you will find a kitten with one of our members, we are all trying to be helpful in these exceptional times. 

Remember, just because some kittens advertised are expensive it does not necessarily mean that you will have a better kitten. Our members are happy to advise.  All kittens sold will be fully vaccinated, insured, registered, have diet sheets and worming records. Most probably microchipped as well. They are ready to leave home at around 14 weeks old. Some breeders like to neuter first.







June 2020

All our kittens have now found their perfect families. I would like to thank the owners past and present who have complied with our wishes that our kittens only go to homes that provide safe and secure outdoor access. Each and every one have installed some kind of safety fencing. Either catios, overhang wire, Freedom fence, roller poles etc.

Over the years I have had personal tragic accidents with much loved cats and, in the past, having run a boarding cattery for many years, I have seen most  things that can happen if cats are allowed to free roam. Accidents will happen, that is life, but we will do our best to ensure our kittens go to responsible and loving homes. 

Thank you again to the lovely people who have our cats and for sending photos, videos and updates of their lives together.



February 2020

We are very proud of our sorrel silver boy, Sorcerer Anduril, (Henry), gaining his championship title aged only 11 months. He received the most amazing judges critiques and it has been a long time since a silver gained a title. He is the most beautiful natured boy and as he has entertained two ladies already, we will look forward to seeing his babies in the early summer. _


7 December, 2019

Sorcerer Anduril, (Henry), our sorrel silver boy, went to his first show, The Colourpoint all breed show, and won all his classes he was also Best of Breed.

Our little sorrel silver girl, Sorcerer Silver Soprano, (Penny), also attended her first show the National Cat Club show, she won her open, was Best of Breed and Best of Variety. She also received a second and third in side classes. They behaved impeccably and we are very proud of them.

Thank you to all judges.



We have a beautiful little sorrel silver girl who may be going to a show in December.

After that she may be available as a pet or show prospect.

A safe loving home is essential.



Rosa produced three beautiful babies last week. I will contact those who have shown interest in having one of our babies and can provide a suitable home. It is early days yet of course. Polly is due in three weeks and she is a very experienced mum.


Silvi and Serin both had a successful day at the Surrey and Sussex Cat Club show. They were each awarded merit certificates. Hopefully after June the red series Abyssinians will be recognised as a colour in their own right and progress on the show bench. However, Serin and Silvi will retire for a while to concentrate on having babies of their own.


February. Rosa is pregnant and we have a waiting list of suitable homes. Polly is with her 'special guy' at the moment, so fingures crossed.

Hayley is still looking for her special home.

Please always read our section about Abyssinians and their needs.


December: Sorcerer Calypso, (Silvi) had a successful day at the Maidstone and Medway show receiving her first Merit certificate as an adult. She behaved beautifully as usual. 

May we thank all our owners who have so kindly sent seasonal greetings and beautiful pictures of the kittens they have had from us over the years. We love to hear how our babies are enjoying their lives. Happy New Year to everyone.







All our kittens are currently booked.

I am happy to pass on names of breeders who may have kittens available.



Very occasionally we may have an adult needing a new forever home for a genuine reason. This may only be because they prefer not to share their family with other cats and want to be the only pampered feline. If you can offer such a home and have a safe secure garden please get in touch.



August 2018


We had a successful day at the Three Counties Cat Show. Celestial Halo, (Hayley), Moonlight Serenade (Serin) and Calypso (Silvie) were all awarded their merit certificates and we look forward to the red series abyssinians gaining recognition soon and being able to compete for the higher honours.


If you are interested in showing and would like to show one of our lovely cats, either with a view to breed or show as a neuter, please let us know and we shall be very happy to discuss this with you..


July 2018


Polly's daughters, Sorcerer Moonlight Serenade, blue tortie and Sorcerer Calypso, blue tortie silver, went to the Wessex Show on 7th July.

Both were awarded their merit certificates and Serenade was awarded first place and her sister Calypso second. I don't think she minded, they both behaved exceptionally well for their first show. Lovely comments from the judges.


June 2018


1st June. Amber gave birth to a usual boy and two tortie girls. All a very good weight and are doing very well.

2nd June Rosa gave birth to her very first litter with no fuss at all despite their large size. A blue boy, a fawn boy and a lilac boy. Incredible variety of colours which shows Leo carries more colours than we first thought. They are all doing well and both mums are being very attentive and sensible.

All the kittens are booked.

I am happy to pass on names of reputable breeders who may have kittens available.


April 2018


Amber and Rosa are both expecting litters in June. We have a waiting list but if you would like to call or e mail to make enquiries please do so. If you are genuinely interested in this special breed and wish to show or breed kittens responsibly yourself, please phone me for a chat. 

I reiterate that I will only let kittens go to new homes if I am convinced they will be kept in a safe and loving environment.


March 2018


Polly had six kittens which is quite an acheivemnet for an Abyssinian. She required no help feeding them all and she and they are thriving. Three girls and three boys all different colours, what a girl! They are all on solid food now, and a lot of it!


December 2017


In November all Polly's kittens went to their new homes and settled in really well. Perfect timing to wreak havoc for Christmas. All the new families in 2017 had taken great care to ensure their new family members would be safe in their gardens with quite impressive 'catios' or cat enclosures thus ensuring a rich environment. Where not possible the kittens would be harness trained.

On the show front both Leo and Hayley had successful days at the Maidstione and Medway cat show in December. Both gained their merits and Best of Breed certificates together with excellent side class results. 


 October 2017


Two of Ambers kittens are safely with their new family. They are already settling in and their new owners have thoughtfully provided them with a safe garden house and enclosure so they can enjoy time outside in the fresh air.


Their sister, Hayley had a very successful day at her first show, in Kent. She won 1st and Best of Breed, her first merit certificate and !st and second in side classes. She was very well behaved as we would expect with her parents.


Pollys kittens are doing well and are little terrors, in a nice way.


August 2017


Polly has safely delivered a beautiful litter of four kittens.

We knew that unusual colours were possible as she is a blue tortie and as Leo is a sex linked red silver there are several possible resulting colours. She has delighted us with a usual silver boy, a red silver boy, a blue silver boy and a cream silver girl. Well done Polly and she is being a great mum.


Two of the babies are booked with suitable loving homes. The cream silver girl may be available to a show/breeding home if she complies with the standard required.



July 2017:

We are delighted to announce the arrival of three kittens born to Amber.

one usual boy, two tortie girls, one of which is a silver.

Two are booked and the third may be available subject to whether she becomes a show possibilty or much loved pet.


Please do not be offended if we ask in depth questions about the type of home you can offer one of our kittens. We have to be sure the kitten will have a long and happy life in a safe environment. 



September 2017


Ambers kittens are nearly ready for their new homes. Two are going together, which is lovely. Their new family have arranged for a safe enclosure in their garden for safe outside access. The tortie silver we hope to show but will be available to a suitable home.


Polly's kittens are 6 weeks old and are very forward. Two have homes and the usual silver boy is looking for his new family. We hope to show the cream silver girl if she complies with the standard of points as few are seen on the show bench which is a shame.


Earlier this month Leo had an exciting day posing in a photo shoot for an advertisement. All that was required was for him to sit on a couch with a male model. He behaved impeccably for what was a suprisingly long day. He was a star.




June 2017: Welcome Rosa


We are delighted to welcome Coppice Fair Rosamund, (Rosa) to our feline family.


Rosa is a cheeky and very affectionate little blue girl. Her sire is IGrCh Surfin Tornedo and Dam Coppice Soliloquy


Thank you so much to Richard and Ann Barkert for entrusting this beutiful girl to us.


January 2017: Cat Show 


Polly won her Adult Merit Certificate plus Best of Breed also first in every side class.

Also Croydon Cat Club Show, same day, 1st and Merit and Best of Breed.

December 2016: London Cat Club


Leo won his Merit Certificate and Best of Breed.
Both he and Polly now have the required certificates to submit towards the recognition of the sex linked colours programme. 


December 2016: Maidstone and Medway Show


Flamstone Galileogalilei and Flamstone Pastoral were both awarded their merits and Best of Breed. Thank you to judges, it was a very friendly and well run show.


November 2016: Birth 


Amber has a little usual tortie girl.


September 2016: Bucks, Oxon and Berks Show


Flamstone Pastoral (Polly),  attends Bucks, Oxon & Berks Show and wins her second merit certificate and BOB. She also won firsts in both her side classes. 


Thank you to all her judges and for their lovely comments.


August 2016: Welcoming Flamstone Pastoral  


We welcome our new little girl Flamstone Pastoral (Polly) a rare blue tortie. She is beautiful and full of character.  Extremely affectionate and no doubt going to settle in very well.


13th August:  Our Marafiki Amelia (Amber) has a red card day at the Three Counties Cat Society Show winning her third CC making her a Champion. She behaved impecably.


Our new little imp Polly also behaved very well at her first ever show at such a young age. She was awarded her merit as an assessment breed colour and BOB plus a first in a side class. She received a sash for best kitten in group. The judge described her as a very demanding and affectionate kitten.


Thank you to all judges concerned.


Pictures will be posted as soon as we can encourage her to sit still long enough.


May 2016: Leo featured in Your Cat Magazine May Issue  

  • Show News article (page 89)


March 2016: Litter Born 

  • 21.03.16: Two boys were born 


February 2016: Southern County's Cat Show Show Results

  • Merit and 1st Best of Breed
  • 1st and 2nd side classes 


December 2015: National Cat Show Show Results

  • Merit and 2nd side class


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